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This life has been a whirlwind of activities, and I cannot seem to step away from the comfortable chaos of it all! This year I’ve:

  • Taught Middle School & ACE English
  • Been Class of 2020 Senior Advisor
  • Created Over Ten Resources in The Genius Educator TpT Store
  • Written Blog Posts for The Genius Educator community
  • Put Hashimotos Hypothyroidism into Remission
  • Lifted 5-6 Days a Week
  • Kept Up With LexieLou (Golden Retriever Baby)

I’ve always eaten healthy, but life (and, oh… shall I admit it… upcoming 30’s) has taken its toll! I was finding myself dragging by 5-6 PM.

So, I did some digging and found that reducing carbs gave most people an enormous energy burst! I had already taken gluten out from my diet earlier in the year to put my Hashimotos Hypothyroidism into remission – so my diet already had reduced carbs. Score.

Anyone else have a golden who only holds still for photos? 

It wasn’t until I dug a little further that I found there was a product out there, patented no less, that aided in putting my body into ketosis (burning fat as fuel) within an hour of drinking it.

Therapeutic Ketones.

I decided to get some samples and see what they did for my own body. I mixed one ketone packet with water after a simple breakfast and one ketone drink mid-afternoon as a pre-workout.

Within two months, I lost eight pounds and three inches overall – and I didn’t change my diet or workout routine.


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I’m a coffee drinker ever since college had me resorting to pulling all-nighters in the library to write the third paper of the week (ahh, nostalgia). One of my favorite additions to my diet was the Keto Kreme to my coffee. Regular creamer has many chemical additions, I’m fairly ashamed I didn’t do research into that earlier. I’ve noticed my hair, skin and nails have all improved drastically.

When you know better, do better. – Maya Angelou


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The last change I made in my routine was to my post-workout fuel. When I saw the benefits from the ketones, I decided to go all in. After a heavy-lift, it’s crucial to drink protein to fuel your muscles and aid with recovery. As someone who is dairy-intolerant, it was difficult to find a decent protein. The KETO//OS Protones (Ketones & Protein) were a quick addition, and taste dang good.

A regular day for me:
Wake-Up: Breakfast & Coffee (Keto Kreme)
Before Work: NAT Ketones with water
Lunch: Low-Carb Meal
Mid-Afternoon: NAT Ketones (caffeinated) with water
Post-Workout: KETO//OS Protones
Dinner: Low-Carb Meal with NAT Ketones

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