10 Principles That Will Lead to Success


There have been days that I reflected on my own successes in life and felt I could be doing more. I could be reaching more people, helping more friends, earning more financially, and building a better empire for my family to grow in. I found myself questing for the secret behind success – and I fell across Fearless Motivation, an artist on Spotify, who spoke directly through my Yurbuds and into my heart.

After listening to this piece by this artist, I realized that I was already following several of these principles… and quite a few of them I had been neglecting for a very long time. These principles aren’t only for your career or financial success, they can also be applied to your own personal success in the gym or to building healthy relationships.

Here are ten of the twenty principles that this artist speaks to that will lead you to a more successful life. These are no “secrets”, and I was dumbfounded at how simple yet absolutely effective each one has the potential to be… once you apply it to your own life.

  1. There is nothing you can’t have in life, if you’re willing to work for it. What’s the saying, “Wish in one hand…”? Basically, stop expecting life to drop your wildest dreams into your lap and be willing to do the hard work. Does that mean early mornings? Maybe. Late nights? Probably. Sacrificing other things you WISH you could be doing, in order to chase this other, more important goal? Absolutely. Nothing in life comes without us putting in the work.
  2. Take responsibility for your life. The situation that you are in right now is, ultimately, your doing. Blaming anyone else for your failures, your choices, your mistakes is not owning up to your life. As long as you are willing to face your choices, the way your life is now, and OWN it, then you will continue to climb higher. Take the blame off the table. It’s YOUR life. YOU made it. Now you have the power to continue to shape it EXACTLY how you want.
  3. There’s always something to be grateful for in life. Even in the worst scenario, there is always a blessing. Even if that blessing is as simple as the knowledge to never again do what you just did. Gratitude is one of the most essential guiding principles because it creates pride in what you already have achieved, love towards those who already are in your life, and thankfulness towards the blessings and the lessons you’ve already gone through. If you are appreciative of what you already have in life, then be ready for an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and gratitude once you reach the lofty goals you have been striving for. Your victory is all the sweeter when you live a life of gratitude.
  4. Nothing that has happened in your past can stop you from creating your ideal future. Read that one more time. Some people go through life accumulating baggage from people who have done them wrong, situations that dented their self-worth, and accepted that where they began is where they will have to stay. Don’t go through life dragging around past regrets. Own whatever is weighing you down, and step out into your purpose without the damage that your past has inflicted. Nothing that happened is who you are, in this very moment. We have the option to change ourselves at any given second. If you don’t like your past, change the present, and watch how your future reflects your dreams.
  5. Never stop learning and working on yourself. You are never too knowledgeable, too old, or too experienced to learn something new. No one is perfect, and successful people invest in themselves as part of investing in their businesses. They recognize that without growth comes stagnation, without constant reflection comes staleness. Find a great mentor to learn from, read a self-growth book, watch a meditation video and reflect on your year. Do the inner work to reap the outer rewards.
  6. Live with integrity. If no one is paying attention, do you see the job through? When you can get away with cutting corners, do you? Successful people live an honest life even when others wouldn’t notice that they weren’t. These people aren’t living their lives for anyone else except themselves, and so living with integrity is a personal principle rather than one that is imposed on them by those who are keeping watch over their actions. If you want to live authentically, live with integrity, and find yourself benefiting from it more in the long run.
  7. Give your all. If you want 100% of the hopes and dreams you’ve been working towards, then you need to give 100% of your hard work and time to those goals. Do not expect to work on a dream in your spare time once or twice a week, and find huge success. If what you are striving for is your life’s purpose, then this should feel like life or death for you. Because everyday that you don’t work towards your purpose, a little piece of you dies inside. Everyday you put off achieving the next step towards your goal, a piece of your hope crumbles into oblivion. If you want it, give it your all.
  8. You can change the way you feel by changing your focus. When you think about what you’re trying to achieve, do you immediately feel hope, excitement, passion? Or do you feel doubt, uncertainty, and fear of failure? People who focus on debt attract more debt into their life. Our thoughts are a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you believe that your dreams are far-fetched and ultimately not achievable, then you will constantly find things that confirm your suspicions in your everyday. If you shift your focus onto the achievable, your reality will show you all of the ways that you CAN and WILL reach your potential. It all comes down to what your thinking is focused on.
  9. Don’t chase money, chase your purpose. So many people make the mistake of chasing money, and so flit from one venture to the next. The problem with chasing money is that there is no PASSION behind it, and you will essentially end up continuing to feel empty during times of low-revenue flow. If you chase your purpose, the money will come. People will see your passion for what you are achieving, and eventually they will recognize the quality of your work. Let the money flow in from you going after something you LOVE… then you will never feel empty and continuously be chasing your purpose.
  10. There’s no such thing as failure, unless you refuse to learn the lesson. Everybody fails. If you’re lucky, you’ll fail every single day. From failure comes a lesson. Those who are willing to search for the lesson and learn from it, inch their way forward in life, never to repeat the same mistake. Failure is only failure when we refuse to understand the lesson, and so are doomed to continue repeating the mistake. The more we fail, the more we learn. Since we are never going to stop learning and improving ourselves, then failing is one of the most important elements to success. If you are failing, then you are trying, and as long as you KEEP TRYING then you will eventually figure out the right way.

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