The Journey Begins

The strangest thing happened to me over the past few months. I started receiving subtle (and not so subtle) hints to get writing again. Ever since beginning my teaching career, the time I was dedicating to writing had dwindled down to nothing. After performing lessons (yes, you read that right) each day, I was coming home too exhausted to try to dream up something good to write about.

Yet, I kept getting nudges from the Universe to get writing. I received a message from an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in years, inquiring if I had done any writing lately. I kept having articles and blog posts popping up on my social media accounts with tips on how to get started with writing. Finally, one night I woke up from a vivid dream in which I wandered around the woods and eventually came upon… a typewriter. I couldn’t ignore my subconscious any longer!

It was hard at first to think of the content I would write about. This was mainly because I was thinking too hard, trying too much to be a people-pleaser (one of my flaws). As I was creating a lesson for back to school this year, I had a sudden epiphany that I could write about teaching. I know there are countless educators out there who are experiencing the same trials and tribulations as I am when it comes to teaching in today’s political climate. Thus, The Genius Educator was born.

I hope you enjoy the content that I rustle up for you all, and I pray that it helps ease your way through the school year. I plan to support educators so that we all can keep our passion for teaching alive through even the most difficult times!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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