Behind the Name

I am not a self-proclaimed genius, in fact, I know MANY educators who have vast amounts of knowledge that I have yet to obtain. I am, however, an educator of tiny geniuses who are still discovering their path.

It is my belief that anyone can have genius in them if they are given the right tools and environment to sustain the spark.

Nearly a decade ago, I decided to become a middle and high school educator in a small, rural school in New York. After years of teaching and learning what worked (and didn’t), I realized that there were many other educators out there who were making some of the same mistakes as I did.

Thus, The Genius Educator was born.

It is my hope that I can continue to create useful and creative content for the educators of the world. We have one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. Linking arms with each other can only strengthen our service.

It’s our destiny to stoke these little sparks of genius into roaring flames of ambition and determination!

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